Партнеры команды КАМАЗ-Мастер

1 C

Solutions of the company "1C" for management and accounting automation help the KAMAZ Group to take leading positions. Information system on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8", launched in a number of enterprises of KAMAZ Group currently covers more than 7,500 jobs, includes solutions such as "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management", "1C:                 Operations management ", "1C: Consolidation "," 1C: Motor transport Management "and provides the solution of the following tasks:  

GMGen Power Systems

GMGen Power Systems (Italy) are European power generator sets for basic and reserve power supply equipment and various purpose objects. Model range of generator units  GMGen Power Systems includes electric stations from 5 to 3000 kW power range with petrol, diesel and gas reciprocating engines, as well as high-voltage power generator sets with 6.3/10.5 kW, welding aggregates, light towers and power pumps.

Traumatology& Orthopedics Recovery Center

Traumatology& Orthopedics Recovery Center is an old partner of the team. It’s headed by the Physician of Superior Merit Ocheretina Irina, Doctoral degree in Medicine. In most of the cases recovery is achieved with no medicine. Restoration of soft tissues around the deceased organ including joint and intervertebral disc is made with the modern technologies and hands which can make filigree job. 

Clinic of Academician Ilizarov

lizarov Orthopedic Center has been collaborating with the team of professional pilots KAMAZ-master for 12 years already. The collaboration began in 2006 when Ilgizar Mardeev was in the Kurgan hospital with a serious thigh injury. The director of the KAMAZ-master Team, Vladimir Chagin was also treated there. Now, former patients of the Ilizarov Center are in perfect physical shape and continue to participate in international competitions.