Overall results in the Silk Way Rally

In Friday evening, the Organizers of the Silk Way Rally announced information about the penalization of the eighth stage of the rally.

Hou Hongning: “I recommend Chinese drivers to come to the Silk Way Rally”

Participants of the Silk Way Rally received information from the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Samara region about the introduction of an orange level of danger in the region in different ways.

Nikolaev and Karginov are in the top three at the third stage of the Silk Way Rally

The only circular stage of the Silk Way Rally 2023 on more than 5000 route took place in Magnitogorsk, located near the eastern part of the Southern Urals, which is the part of the Ural Mountains. 

From Europe to Asia: Karginov's crew became the first in the second stage of the Silk Way Rally.

The international rally Silk Way 2023 is gaining momentum: on Saturday, 

The crew of Eduard Nikolaev entered the top 3 at the home stage of the Silk Way Rally 2023

The starting stage of the Silk Way Rally from Kazan to Ufa has become symbolic for KAMAZ-master: the finish of the special stage is located just 100 kilometers from the team's homeland, Naberezhnye Chelny.

The international rally "Silk Way-2023" started at the walls of the Kazan Kremlin

On Thursday, Kazan hosted the ceremonial start of the thirteenth edition of the Silk Way International Rally.

Readiness No. 1: all KAMAZ-master crews are allowed to start the Silk Way Rally-2023

The 2023 edition of the Silk Way Rally can be called special for the KAMAZ-master sports team.

Baja “Zoloto Kagana-2023” finished in Astrakhan

On April 18, the participants of the Baja "Zoloto Kagana - 2023" returned to the right bank of the Volga in the Narimanov and Enotaevsky districts of the Astrakhan region.

Andrey Karginov closes the gap

On April 17, the participants of the Baja "Zoloto Kagana" moved to the Krasnoyarsk and Kharabalinsky districts of the Astrakhan region.

Karginov and Mardeev train the co-pilots. Viazovich speeds up

On 16 April, the early start in Narimanov region sent the participants to most high-speed track of the race.

Baja Zoloto Kagana – 2023. Rally-raid season started in Astrakhan.

Administrative checks and scrutineering have passed, showing the readiness of machines and crews to four days tests.

The KAMAZ-master team will test the young personnel at Baja rally-raid “Zoloto Kagana - 2023”

In application list of Baja “Zoloto Kagana - 2023”, new participants in T5 (T4) class have appeared and it was KAMAZ-master team’s trucks. 

The athletes of KAMAZ-master team have become the participants of hybrid races.

In 2024, Kazan will host Games of Future, a new top tournament at the intersection of real sports, e-sports and technology, with a prize fund of $25 million and an expected number of views of about 3 billion.

Woman tournament in carting for the Cup of Technogorod

The holiday of spring and motorsport were united in one event, which took place on March 4 at the Technogorod сarting track. 

Masters of ice veers

On February 26, KAMAZ-MASTER INTERNATIONAL ICE RACE - the first rally race on trucks- dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the “KAMAZ-master” team took place.

Anton Shibalov performed with demonstration runs on the Amur River

At the invitation of the governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov, the winner of the Dakar and Silk Way races, the pilot of the KAMAZ-master team A. Shibalov took part in the competition.

Ice racing of the КАМАZ-master team

On February 17, the KAMAZ-master team held a team championship in ice racing. According to competition regulations, all 6 pilots used three identical cars - KAMAZ-435091 K5, KAMAZ-43509K with a bonnet layout and KAMAZ-43509 with a traditional layout.

The team KAMAZ-master is the honored guest of winter festival at Igora Drive

From February 10 to February 12, 2023, the Igora Drive race track, hosting the first stage of the Russian Rally Raid Championship 2023 - the snow and ice baja "Russia - Northern Forest 2023", is preparing a real festival of speed and entertainment for participants and fans of motorsport, and more will delight everyone with bright events and star guests.