Генеральный спонсор команды


History of "KAMAZ-master" team – it is a history of entrance and development of KAMAZ business as well as promoting the global brand of automobile plant on international automotive markets by means of unique instrument - a sports team . The team is formed to pave the international track for products of KAMAZ brand, showing all its advantages and opportunities on routes of supermarathons, and first of all, in a World Cup on off-road rally raids. This fascinating and at the same time unique in complexity and difficulties kind of motor sport knows no boundaries, no distance. Millions of fans follows this event, and not only great sportsmen recognized in worldwide automobile corporations are involved in it, but also businessmen and senior statesmen of many countries, including President of Russia V. Putin who is personally familiar with the team. KAMAZ cars are delivered to more than 60 foreign countries. Annually Kama Automobile plant is recognized as the best exporter of the Russian automotive industry.   

PJSC “Gazprom”

PJSC Gazprom is a global energy company. 


VTB is the general sponsor of the KAMAZ -master Team from 2005. The sponsorship funds are used to develop and improve the technological base of the team, for the registration fees in different competitions, production of new sports vehicles. The team sport center was built with the direct participation of the bank that favour the comfortable people training and vehicles development. In 2013, VTB was the official sponsor of the sport gas-diesel truck presented for the first time by the KAMAZ-master Team at the Silk Way Rally. The support of the unique "green" project demonstrates one more time that the Bank is a socially responsible corporation which attaches great importance to environmental conditions and energy-saving technologies. Over the past years new forms of cooperation were determined. The team is actively involved in charitable and corporate events of the Bank. Every year the representatives of the KAMAZ-master Team participate in the act "World Without Tears" organized in the regional children's hospitals, as well as in the VTB Sports Contest which gathers representatives of all the subsidiaries of VTB Group.  For more information about the Bank's cooperation with the team - www.vtbrussia.ru/sport/auto