Traumatology& Orthopedics Recovery Center

Traumatology& Orthopedics Recovery Center is an old partner of the team. It’s headed by the Physician of Superior Merit Ocheretina Irina, Doctoral degree in Medicine. In most of the cases recovery is achieved with no medicine. Restoration of soft tissues around the deceased organ including joint and intervertebral disc is made with the modern technologies and hands which can make filigree job. 
  More than 90 members at 3 branches and 4 representative offices work according to proprietary patent methodology which allows stopping to use medicine, avoiding surgical interference and reacquiring the lost quality of life. 
  Kamaz-master team met them in 2002. After another Dakar Rally Yakubov Semyon, the founder of the team got some serious health problems. He couldn’t get rid of the constant pain neither in Russia nor abroad. Ocheretina Irina managed to make her patient recovered just in a few days. Afterwards she participated in the fourth round of the World Cup for Desert Challenge as a team doctor. Since that time the team members have regularly visited Ariadna Center for rehabilitation.