1 C

Solutions of the company "1C" for management and accounting automation help the KAMAZ Group to take leading positions. Information system on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8", launched in a number of enterprises of KAMAZ Group currently covers more than 7,500 jobs, includes solutions such as "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management", "1C:                 Operations management ", "1C: Consolidation "," 1C: Motor transport Management "and provides the solution of the following tasks:


Management and administrating accounting maintenance, support of KAMAZ production system regarding work management.

Implementation of the system in the research and development center "KAMAZ" allowed to provide control of the progress and quality of works on assembly of cars for "KAMAZ-master" team, as well as timely delivery of necessary purchased components and materials.

Production distribution management;

Management of special purpose equipment maintenance;

Accounting records and tax accounting maintenance, reporting on the international standards;

Cash management;

Contracting management;

Motor transport management and satellite monitoring of mobile objects;

Data consolidation for accounting and management on group of companies

As a result, it was possible to reduce transaction costs, optimize many business processes and accounting, reduce labor input and increase the efficiency of development of regulated and management reporting.

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