• 19.07.2017

    The 11th stage of the rally should have become second with neutralization zone, but the first special section was cancelled as it ran through the protected nature reserve. In the very cancelled part there were dunes, so long-awaited by all participants to test their trucks and themselves.


  • 16.07.2017

    A long-awaited rest day in the Chinese city Urumqi started at 8 a.m. local time for KAMAZ-master Team. Covered with clouds, sky made the day very comfortable for work, and it was what the team was doing all day long – working.


  • 14.07.2017

    These two topics were mostly discussed after the seventh day of the rally.


  • 13.07.2017

    “Fast speedy section” – that’s how the last stage was described by most of the participants. Long steppe areas, narrow bridges, due to which the participants had to drive through the river beds, sharp stones – were the main challenges on the route awaiting the sportsmen.


  • 12.07.2017

    One of the longest specials was described by the race officials as navigational and fast, but the problems occurred not only with navigation.


  • 11.07.2017

    The fourth day of the race was a day of help for KAMAZ-master Team. Three crews were taking part in rescue operations. And there were people who needed help.



  • 10.07.2017

    On the stage Ufa-Kostanai sportsmen had to overcome 329,25 km of the final Russian special, that consisted of fast tracks with lots of changes of direction. Fast, technical tracks among bushes, high grass and thorough work with the road book – that’s how one could describe this SS. Swampy areas were changed by steppes, and rains were gradually changed by the sun. All that make a special more diverse and prepares racers to different surprises on the route.


  • 09.07.2017

    Special section Cheboksary-Ufa wasn’t easy for the pilots from Naberezhnye Chelny city. Judging by the dirty look of the vehicles at the finish line, it was easy to understand that the stage was different from the previous one only with length. Yesterday’s heavy rains made the situation even more difficult, and many teams had the only target – to reach the finish line.  


  • 08.07.2017

    The first special of the Silk Way Rally can be described in one word: “slippery”! Such comments were given by many racers in the end of the day. Today the best results were shown by sportsmen experienced in classical rally. 


  • 08.07.2017

    On 6th June Red Bull, with support of VTB bank and TOTAL company organized an interesting event. KAMAZ race truck and a race car of Peugeot Sport Team got aboard a barge and floated down the Moskva river. In the evening pilots of the team could join the event.




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