Bogdan Karimov showed the best result at the Prologue of Baja “Zoloto Kagana”


From April 19 to 23, 2024, on the territory of Narimanov district of Astrakhan region for the 13th time will be held off-road Baja competition “Zoloto Kagana 2024”.

This year it has the status of: the second stage of the championship at rally raid in Russia for cross-country cars and buggy and the first stage of the championship at rally raid for trucks,  the first stage of the championship of Russia at cross-country rally raid and the Cup of Astrakhan region at rally raid.

The ceremony of the  solemn start of the competition took place on April 20, in Astrakhan, on the embankment of the Volga River, opposite the Petrovsky Fountain. Traditionally, the race gathered the masters of off-road racing of Russia and neighboring countries under their flags. No less than 40 crews o off-road vehicles, buggies and trucks, as well as more than 30 motorcycle and quad bikers applied for participation in the Baja “Zoloto Kagana 2024”.

Five race crews represent the KAMAZ-master team at the rally:

304 Eduard Nikolaev - Evgeny Yakovlev - Dmitry Avdeev

302 Sotnikov Dmitry - Akhmadeev Ruslan - Akhmetzyanov Ilgiz

303 Andrey Karginov - Ivan Malkov - Vadim Akhmetov

305 Karimov Bogdan - Nikitin Dmitry - Akhmedov Almaz

307 Sergey Kupriyanov - Alexander Kupriyanov - Ivan Tatarinov

In fact, the most powerful T5 classification gathered 9 crews in one company. The most representative composition both by the number of vehicles and titles is of the KAMAZ-master team, which put five trucks on the “Zoloto Kagana 2024”. The main competitor of the Blue Armada, the Belarusian team MAZ-SPORTavto, has only one truck, but it is piloted by last year's winner of the Astrakhan stage Sergey Vyazovich, who is probably not going to give up this title this year. GAZ RAID SPORT team will drive two trucks, and URAL MOTORSPORT team will add intrigue to this trio of regulars of the Astrakhan tracks, who for the first time exhibited their truck at the Baja “Zoloto Kagana”.

The total length of the Baja route will be more than 1150 km, of which about 950 km are high-speed sections through steppes and sands. On the opening day of the competition, right from the Volga embankment, the participants set off for the start of the first high-speed section, the length of which amounted to 11 km.

The best time on this short special stage was shown by Bogdan Karimov's crew. And all the top five results of the prologue are from the representatives of the truck category! And in general, the contenders for the podium of the truck classification of the rally-raid “Zoloto of Kagana” are located within 5 minutes from the best result

Prologue. Truck category. Preliminary results.

1. 305 Karimov B. 0:05:38

2. 304 Nikolaev E. +00:05

3. 303 Karginov A. +00:07

4. 302 Sotnikov D. +00:09

5. 301 Vyazovich S.+00:17

6. 307 Kupriyanov S. +01:30

7. 306 Nayman Y. +02:01

 8. 308 Shklyaev M. +02:39

9. 309 Filiakin A. +04:44