Vladimir Chagin: “Rally-raid competitions can and should be held in the Caucasus”


From 14 to 17 September within preparation to the international Dakar Rally, KAMAZ-master racing team was carrying out training in the Caucasus.  

“Dear friends, I am happy to greet famous KAMAZ-master sports team in Kabardino-Balkaria. We are very pleased that the team, gaining leading positions in the world of motorsport rating, chose our republic for carrying out the training session. Hope that we will manage to provide all necessary conditions and atmosphere for the session to pass most productively for future successive performance in the main start of the season”, - noted the Chairman of the KBR Government Aliy Musukov, greeting the guests on the central square in Nalchik on 14 September.

The deputy director of KAMAZ-master racing team Sergei Savostin pointed out importance of preparation on the mountainous special sections: We open up new tracks and have been searching for a mountainous area for a long time. Kabardino-Balkaria is the closest region to us with a suitable landscape. In the future we would really appreciate rally-raid competitions within the Russian Championship renewed in the Caucasus. After the training we will give recommendations to the organizers of the Russian Championship. I find it important for the rally-raid discipline develop and broaden its geography particularly in our country”.


By agreement with the republic and municipal authorities of Kabardino-Balkaria, the training of the team’s sport crews passed on the territory of Elbrus, Chereksky, Chegemsky, Baksansky, Zolsky regions and the Nalchik city.

On 17 September, the last day of the team’s stay in Kabardino-Balkaria, citizens of the republic had the opportunity to see the racing trucks and personally communicate with drivers on the Square of Abkhazia in Nalchik, where a farewell ceremony was organized for KAMAZ-master team.

Addressing to the team members, the Head of KBR Kazbek Kokov thanked the team management for choosing the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria as a place for carrying out the training stage and wished the racers good luck in the upcoming competition. The Head of the region noted that carrying out such competitions will provide impetus for tourism industry and motorsport in KBR, and also expressed hope that mountainous tracks of Kabardino-Balkaria contributed professional development of the team members for achievement of new victories in future competitions.

In his return the Head of KAMAZ-master team, Honored Coach of Russia Vladimir Chagin remarked that mountainous routes and citizens of the republic made a significant contribution in the team’s preparation to compete in the upcoming Dakar in January 2021 and promised to recommend Kabardino-Balkaria for carrying out stages of the Russian Championship.

“Organization of such trainings is a far-from-simple matter, and the fact, that the organizers achieved so impressing results for such a short time, once again proves that Kabardino-Balkaria is ready to carry out competitions of the highest level. Rally-raid competitions can and should be carried out in the Caucasus”, - emphasized V.Chagin and thanked the government and citizens of the republic for excellent organization of the training, cordiality and the best Caucasus hospitality, informs the press-office of the Head and the Government of Kabardino-Balkaria.