Vladimir Chagin: “KAMAZ-master will apply a new K5 truck to the Silk Way Rally”


The Head of KAMAZ-master team Vladimir Chagin in the interview with RIA News told about the upcoming debut of the truck with a new K5 cab at the Silk Way Rally and building of second generation of bonnet KAMAZ.

-   Did you already begin works, announced immediately after the Dakar, on the new racing truck with K5 cab and new bonnet truck?

-   We are carrying out active works on both trucks. The sports KAMAZ truck with K5 cab is in our priority. The frame is at the assembly stage in our production site, we are currently finishing works on conceptual design of the truck. We are planning to finish it by the Silk Way Rally, which will be held in July.

-   Does the bonnet version have a permission to participate on the Dakar? Who will sit at the wheel of the truck?

- Second generation of the bonnet KAMAZ is also gradually regaining its appearance. The frame with aggregates is already standing in the production shop. K5 project is managed by Dmitry Sotnikov. Eduard Nikolaev, as he drove the first truck in the history of KAMAZ-master, is responsible for the bonnet truck.

-   This year the Dakar was even more killing for vehicles. In what condition were the trucks upon arrival to Naberezhnye Chelny and after analyses of all data after the race?

- Currently the racing trucks go through technical expertise, we are carrying out rebuilding works. Somewhere vast repair works up to frame replacement are required, and something needs partial change. It is hard annual work. Yes, this year our trucks suffered from severe wear, but experience of engineers and mechanics allow to tell about the following: all trucks will be refurbished by the Gold of Kagan and the Silk Way Rally.   

-   The Dakar organizers set an aim by 2030 to switch over to alternative types of fuel. Is it real for such a short period of time? The team already has a gas-and-diesel truck, which has proven itself in various deserts of the world. And will KAMAZ-master study other variants already now and create such truck for tests, for example, at the Gold of Kagan?

 - We attentively follow tendency in the world of automotive industry. Considering the fact that we are a plant team, we will move in order to comply with all innovations in this area. Not a single novelty is out of view, if there are good solutions, they are used in KAMAZ-master, in our serial production, which allows to promote the high-quality product on various world markets and successfully take part in competitions.  

Currently we must finish building of the truck with K5 cab and new generation bonnet truck, after which we will start development of a vehicle with alternative fuel type. But now there is no specifics regarding such truck at the Dakar.