Silk Way Rally 2021: ceremonial start in Omsk


A few hours remain until the start of the first stage of the international Silk Way Rally 2021. Already on Friday morning, the sounds of sports engines of dozens of racing cars and bikes will begin to shake the outskirts of Omsk like a thunderclap. Among them are seven trucks of the KAMAZ-master team, traditionally one of the favorites in the rally-raid world.

 Vehicles, created inside the belly of the KAMAZ sports workshop in Naberezhnye Chelny, arouse increased interest of the public everywhere in the world. Omsk was not an exception. Unfortunately, throughout the race, motorsport fans are unable to enter the bivouac due to coronavirus restrictions. Therefore, they have to observe the trucks in the  blue livery from a distance without the opportunity to get into the territory closed from unauthorized persons. And there were plenty of people who wanted to be next to the new sports truck, because it was the Omsk citizens who were lucky to see the first start of the K5 family truck - KAMAZ-435091. Everyone who passed by the bivouac always took out his phone and took commemorative pictures of the truck, which replaces the KAMAZ-43509, proving itself victoriously at various competitions.

 The spectators were able to greet the contestants of the eleventh edition of the Silk Way Rally at the ceremony in the Omsk center. Several thousand residents and guests of the city gathered on the Cathedral Square. Concert, speeches from the authorities and race organizers, applause and words of gratitude from the participants - all this accompanied the evening part of the event program. Now the race time is coming. The contestants are separated from the victory by 5400 kilometers.

The eight-time winner of the Dakar rally Sergei Savostin will be the head of the KAMAZ-master team for the Silk Way Rally period (Vladimir Chagin is the head of the Silk Way project and will focus on organizational issues related to its conduct during the race).

 Seven KAMAZ-master crews will take part in the truck classification of the rally:

No 500, driver Anton Shibalov, co-driver Dmitry Nikitin, mechanic Ivan Tatarinov;

No 501 driver Dmitry Sotnikov, co-driver Ruslan Akhmadeev, mechanic Ilgiz Akhmetzianov;

No 504, driver Eduard Nikolaev, co-driver Evgeny Yakovlev, mechanic Iskander Romanov;

No 505, driver Ayrat Mardeev, co-driver Dmitry Svistunov, mechanic Vadim Akhmetov;

No 507, driver Andrey Karginov, co-driver Andrey Mokeev, mechanic Ivan Malkov;

No 508, driver Sergey Kupriyanov, co-driver Alexander Kupriyanov, mechanic Sergey Krenev;

No 513, driver Bogdan Karimov, co-driver Albert Arslanov, mechanic Vladimir Rybakov.



July 2. Omsk> Novosibirsk, 671 km: 88 km - SS, 583 km - liaison.

July 3. Novosibirsk> Gorno-AltaIsk, 582 km: 133 km - SS, 449 km - liaison.

July 4. Gorno-AltaIsk> UlgiI, 666 km: 133 km - SS, 533 km - liaison.

July 5. UlgiI> Khovd, 384 km: 296 km - SS, 88 km - liaison.

July 6. Khovd> Khovd, 543 km: 440 km - SS, 103 km - liaison.

July 7. Khovd> Altai, 513 km: 385 km - SS, 128 km - liaison (marathon stage).

July 8. Altai> Altai, 493 km: 313 km - SS, 180 km - liaison (marathon stage).

July 9. Altai> Bayankhongor, 557 km: 421 km - SS, 136 km - liaison.

July 10. Bayankhongor> Ulan Bator, 614 km: 394 km - SS, 220 km - liaison.

July 11. Ulaanbaatar> Ulaanbaatar, 226 km: 217 km - SS, 9 km - liaison.

July 11. Ulaanbaatar. Finish and finish podium.