About the incident on the 5th stage of the rally “Dakar-2019”

11 January, Arequipa

On the 5th stage of the rally, Andrey Karginov’s truck touched one of spectators standing on the race track. After starting the speed section, the front axle gear on his truck broke down, the crew was going on a rear wheel drive, overcoming dunes with great difficulty.

A large number of groups of spectators were standing randomly on one of the difficult climbs in the sands. The driver tried to overcome the climb and go around the group of people on the dune.

Spectators began to run away from the trajectory of the moving truck. But one of them stumbled in the soft sand and got his foot under the rear wheel of the truck. The driver did not see this moment and found out about the incident only after arriving at the bivouac.

KAMAZ-master Team regrets the incident and is ready to provide all possible assistance to the injured person in treating, if it is necessary.

Unfortunately, the decision of the rally officials on this occasion turned out to be extremely tough - A. Karginov’s crew was disqualified from the race.

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