KAMAZ-master will take part in the rally “Gold of Kagan-2020”


From 8 till 12 September KAMAZ-master team will take part in the stage of the Russian Rally-Raid Championship “Gold of Kagan” in Astrakhan. Initially this competition was planned in April, but due to COVID-19 outbreak, the terms were shifted for September of the current year.

Sruteneering, administrative checks and tests will be held since morning on 8 and 9 September. First short opening the race special section will be on September 9. Then there will be three days with full stages 272, 302 and 261 km in length. Traditionally, the race organizers choose the most difficult off-road areas – cunning Astrakhan sands many times became a barrier for the most titled motor racers.

As noted by organizing committee of the event, this year due to the pandemic there won’t be a ceremonial start of the race. Moreover, contacts of contestants will be limited and all press-conferences will be canceled.  

As a reminder, because of the pandemic the team worked distantly from April to June. This time was used for development of new engineering solutions, necessity of implementation of which was defined by the results of the Dakar-2020. Gold of Kagan will become a testing ground for all technical novelties, that have been created for all that time. All six crews will go with the task to test vehicles and train crews.

Sergei Kuprianov’s crew on his gas-and-diesel KAMAZ, which is a joint project with PJSC Gazprom, will perform on the modified truck. The peculiarity of the new truck is that to the evident and many times proved in previous sports seasons advantage of the engine pull down, working on the mixture of gas and diesel, an automatic gearbox was added, aimed to use this power in various race modes in the optimal way.


1.         Nikolaev Eduard – Iakovlev Evgeny – Karimov Bogdan

2.         Mardeev Airat – Svistunov Dmitry – Galiautdinov Akhmet

3.         Karginov Andrey – Mokeev Andrey – Malkov Ivan

4.         Sotnikov Dmitry – Akhmadeev Ruslan – Akhmetzianov Ilgiz

5.         Shibalov Anton – Nikitin Dmitry – Tatarinov Ivan

6.         Kuprianov Sergei – Kuprianov Aleksandr – Krenev Sergei