Yuri Muzychenko and a nine-tonish monster: the musician checked possibilities of KAMAZ-master racing truck


In the third series of art-stories of the creative project “VTB Team: Art. Sport. Hype” the musician and actor Yuri Muzychenko visited the headquarters of the “Blue Armada”.

This series is dedicated to the dream – Yuri’s dream to get into the cab of the strongest and the most passable rally truck in the world and Russian racers’ dream to become the best on the planet.

The new acquaintance format with significant objects on the map of Russia will allow viewers to see the team’s headquarters in Naberezhnye Chelny, the museum with trophies, where 17 Bedouins – prizes for victories in the Dakar Rally - are located, and moreover, to get a look inside the racing truck, which can not only drive, but fly (you definitely should see emotions of Muzychenko after jumps in KAMAZ from springboards).

“KAMAZ-master is a unique in the global scale team, unequalled anywhere in the world over several decades. It is an engineering center, that designs trucks, and school of drivers, navigators and mechanics, which has stamped out on the assembly line not only production of trucks but also champion crews. VTB is proud of the long-term relationship with KAMAZ-master, and we are happy that viewers can see life of the team”, - comments Viktor Lukyanov, Senior Vice-President of VTB bank.

Together with Yuri, we will follow the way of KAMAZ-master pilot from karting to the main truck of the team and we will see changes of the musician’s attitude to motorsport and people, who get up at 3:30 in the morning during two weeks in a row on the Dakar, in order to overcome hundreds and even thousands of kilometers, having a drop of water only once an hour, despite the heat in the cab up to 55C. Drivers of KAMAZ-master team, Merited Masters of Sports – a five-time winner of the Dakar Eduard Nikolaev and a two-time winner of the Dakar Andrey Karginov, as well as mechanic of KAMAZ-master team, a silver winner of the Silk Way Rally 2018 Akhmet Galyautdinov took part in the video. A horrible shaking and the hardest conditions don’t interrupt them from work with maximum efficiency, in order to get to the bivouac by night, where a comfortable motor-home awaits them on KAMAZ-master zone (viewers of the video can see it from the inside).

“Honestly speaking, the drive in the KAMAZ-master racing truck is one of the brightest and, perhaps, terrifying impressions in my life, - says Yuri Muzychenko. – I hope that we could share at least part of those impressions, that this super truck induce, comparing to which other cars and bolides are toys”.

 “We were very interested to take part in the project “VTB team: Art. Sport. Hype” and to show Yuri and viewers, that we hope to be a lot of, our headquarters, our drivers, mechanics, co-drivers and certainly our trucks, with which a huge work has been done by every member of our team, - says Vladimir Chagin. – We hope that now even more people will root for KAMAZ-master, and we will try to gratify our fans further with beautiful and confident victories”.

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