Gentlemen, good luck!


December 27, 2012 there is the Russian release of a new comedy of Bazelevs studio - «Gentlemen, good luck!" in which shootings "the gold trio" of "KAMAZ-Master" team - Semen Yakubov, Vladimir Chagin and Sergey Savostin took part. Some of these days a special showing of the movie took place for the team at the "Interfax" news agency. Semen Yakubov and Vladimir Chagin shared their first impressions:

Yakubov: When I started to watch the movie, I was waiting for the same feelings as from the movie in which Leonov plays, that was in the original movie. But, honestly speaking, it's an entirely different movie. The movie idea is promoted, but it is made so that you are watching it anew. I couldn’t get off mind that I didn’t know how the movie would turn out. This is remake, which has the right to be completely independent. It is done perfectly, the acting is wonderful. I’m pleased that we were able to get to this movie. I was glanced once there. And I can consider that we are sharing a leading role with Bezrukov. Wonderful movie. I recommend to everyone to see it. I think he will take the same rightful place as his predecessor.

Chagin: Great idea, the story is wonderful. I was impressed with the acting. It was nice to work with actors on set. I appreciated their work otherwise. One minute, which is seen by the viewer on the screen, is a very big work behind the scenes. Of course, this is difficult work, but very interesting. When we saw today our car in the cinema, we got new view on it. I envy all those who will see this movie, laugh and get a good mood.

- Was it difficult to act in the movie?

Chagin: More interestingly. Production team works perfectly. They are real professionals. There are minimum of actions and maximum of efficiency. Certainly, there are many doubles in the movie, almost a 24-hours-a-day job - titanic work. But, nevertheless, it was interesting to see it from the inside. And all I saw today on the screen impress and will be remembered for a long time.

- Describe, please, your emotions from the viewing in a few words.

Chagin: funny, witty, interesting, and provoke a real laughter.