Africa Race. René Metge: today it will be difficult stage


Svetlana Klimova asked some questions to sports director and collegium member of Africa race sports commissioners René Metge.

- Yesterday the first stage was canceled. Will this affect the results of the competitors at today's stage?

- No, it will change nothing. It was a simple stage, and it does not affect the alignment of forces, but it's a pity, the stage was very beautiful. As for competitors, they just have to come back next year to see it.

- What will you wish to competitors before the first start?

- Today is a difficult stage, surface is very diverse. This is the first stage in dunes. The main task of competitors is to adapt to the road surface, which changes very often. At first there will be high-speed section, then rocks, then sand, rocks again, sand again, and then a big desert, and high-speed section again. Everything is very diverse. This is a beautiful stage. I will say about the one who wins today, that he is very well prepared, because these conditions require a high quality, professional training.