Africa Race. René Metge: today it will be difficult stage

30.12.2012 Svetlana Klimova asked some questions to sports director and collegium member of Africa race sports commissioners René Metge.

Africa race: from Almeria to Morocco

December 29. 8:04. Ferry from Almeria to Morocco Yesterday we hadn’t a briefing; the starting time of the first stage wasn’t announced. We were a little bit confused when we went to sleep – we hadn’t the important information ... When we asked "when the SS will start?", somebody answered - "as early as possible." By our own experience of last few days, from the morning we followed René Metge all the time, waiting for a briefing and finally we could speak to him. Oksana was scribbling notes about the changes on the route - CP1 was canceled, CP2 was moved, the course was changed to the opposite... In addition he announced about the night liaison and repeated that the first stage will start "as early as possible".

Africa Race: on the way to the ferry

29.12.2012 We left today at 3:00 am in order to reach the ferry in Almeria by 7:00 pm with all caravan. At the beginning we had a small problem with one of assistant cars, but then everything worked out all right, and we reached the ferry. In the afternoon, other competitors began to overtake our caravan, exceeding the permitted speed, and Evgeniy Kharlamov said that we should just get used, not to look at what others are doing and continue your present course.

Africa Race news

This morning (local time), Africa Race competitors arrived by ferry to Morocco (Nador city). Unfortunately, the process of border crossing was drawn out to a great length. In 2.5 hours, the team received only one passport. Everybody was in this situation. At 10.42 local time (14.42 MSK) sports truck pilots received their passports, and left to the start of the first special stage. Vasiliy Kvachev shared the thought that probably the SS would be reduced, because the riders have 200 km of liaison before the start, and, as it was announced at the morning briefing, the second part of SS will be high-speed and with difficult navigation. In the incoming twilight, it will be impossible to drive in those places.

Africa Race started in Saint-Cyprien

28.12.2012 Today there was a very long day. Perhaps that is always like this when there are many events in a short period of time. Time goes quickly, and it feels like one week passed since yesterday.

Report from the start of Sonangol Africa Eco Race

Everybody is in place, everything is ready. Tomorrow there are checks, podium and a short night before the long move to Almeria. Saint-Cyprien is a small resort town; winter here doesn't remind habitual winter - palm trees, the sun and the sea. And the wind, seems to be not too cold, but choppy. Organizers chose the site for checks at the port - around the tackle, nets, winches, masts. In this forest of masts our flagpole took a worthy place.

Gentlemen, good luck!

December 27, 2012 there is the Russian release of a new comedy of Bazelevs studio - «Gentlemen, good luck!" in which shootings "the gold trio" of "KAMAZ-Master" team - Semen Yakubov, Vladimir Chagin and Sergey Savostin took part. Some of these days a special showing of the movie took place for the team at the "Interfax" news agency. Semen Yakubov and Vladimir Chagin shared their first impressions.

The KAMAZ-master team goes to Dakar-2013

The press-conference of KAMAZ-master team devoted to the forthcoming in January, 2013 Dakar and Africa Eco Race took place in Moscow in Interfax agency on December 19.