Eduard Nikolaev is a leader in trucks category at "Dakar"

January 14, Cordoba After a rest day in Tucuman Dakar competitors continued to move to the south-east towards Cordoba. From the journalistic plane there are wonderful views of the wide plains. Famous pampas - the patrimony of South American cowboys gaucho. Only on approach to Cordoba the terrain starts to change - the city is surrounded by picturesque hills covered with lush greenery. Gaucho, in whose veins blood of Indians and the first Spaniards flows, lived in dependence on wild cattle.

Roads of smugglers

January 11, Salta The morning at the press center begins with the tragic news: Thomas Bourget died in a collision with a police car at the time when 25-year-old French motorcycle racer was driving to the special stage start. This is the third victim of the current "Dakar", the day before near the border of Peru with Chile, an accident with the participation of three cars happened - one escort car and two taxis, two persons died. Today the rally continued on the south-east, and after crossing the Andes was in Argentina. The destination was the city of Salta. In 1544, after the victory over Incas the Spaniards found in the mountains of modern Bolivia powerful silver vein. The main part of the precious metal was sent to Lima, another part of this metal smuggled through Salta to Buenos Aires. Against this background, the city quickly flourished and became one of the most beautiful corners of the provincial South America. The Dakar competitors destined for the new bivouac of rally by smugglers roads. 218-kilometer special stage was laid by the organizers in the foothills of the Andes on the average height of about 3500 meters.

Dakar shows its character

The breakdown of Anatoly Tanin’s Assistance car, which occurred the day before, made ​​a good half of the members of the "Kamaz-Master" team to get a feel all "charm" of the true Dakar. Personal items, tents, sleeping bags of many members were left in the car of Farit Badretdinov, towing the broken Tanin’s machine to the bivouac in Arica. 26 tons of its own weight plus 24 tons of Tanin’s KAMAZ, and more than 300 kilometers along the serpentine roads of the Andes’ foothills...

Dakar. "Blue armada" increases the pace

January 9, Arica On the fifth day of the "Dakar", the competitors left Peru, in order to continue the race on the territory of Chile. But before passing the formalities related to border crossing, sportsmen had to overtake the 172-kilometer special stage Ariekipa - Arica.

Ayrat Mardeev wins for the first time the stage of "Dakar"

January 8, Arequipa Bivouac in Arequipa can be called successful for "KAMAZ-Master" team. Last year on the way to this city, which is considered as a capital of southern Peru, Andrey Karginov won his first stage on Dakar. And so the history repeats itself – today Ayrat Mardeev achieved the same result.

Africa Race. Evgeniy Yakovlev: we had three options

08.01.13 Bivouac Koba At the start there was a trouble at Anton Grigorov's crew - 10 minutes before the start power steering got out of order, they managed to repair it in 35 minutes and they start with a delay less than half an hour, according to the regulations that do not lead to serious penalization.

Africa Race. Dmitriy Sotnikov: We were driving with pleasure

08.01.2013 The crew of "KAMAZ-master" team participating in Africa Race finished in tenth, penultimate stage of the rally. It was the last stage in Mauritania, 196 kilometers.

Dakar 2013. "KAMAZ-master" heats up

08.01.2013 On the third day of Dakar competitors will set off from Pisco towards Nazca known for its geoglyphs of undetermined origin. Scientists are still can't solve a riddle - by whom they were created and how they could survive to this day.

Africa Race. 9th stage

Bivouac Tenadi. Well, for us the longest and difficult stage of rally "Sonangol Africa Eco Race" also came to the end. So actively organizers prepared competitors to this stage, so the previous stage was difficult, that all concentrated and prepared for the worst. Prepare for the worst - it is always correct: if it happens, then you're ready, and if not, you will do everything better than you could. Trucks started, just behind Schlesser, in a sequence that was very favorable to KAMAZ. Today our crew could appreciate in full rivals’ professionalism - in the long distance, on the heavy sands. The position was favorable, guys understood that gradually they would overtake rivals, but were cautious, taught by yesterday's experience. They followed tracks. They caught up with Elizabeth before CP1, and then in one of the sand boxes guys overtook Tomecek. Try not to make mistakes. At one point, there was only the leader of the race Jean-Louis Schlesser ahead.

Africa Race. Today the longest section of a marathon

Yesterday, for a special stage of a length of 320 kilometers organizers gave 8 hours, but then increased the maximum passing time for one hour. By 19:25 local time, only 18 competitors reached the finish line.