Festival “Zazhiganie (lighting) -2017”, that combined the whole range of motorsport disciplines on one square, was held with great success on 25-26 August on motordrome in Sochi. Runs of cars of Russian circuit race series and MitJet, speed competitions among sport cars GT and race KAMAZ, and the most interesting – show of stuntmen and dance performance, gathered more than six thousand viewers on the tribunes of Russian only Formula-1 circuit.

 The event, taking place under support of VTB, started with the opening ceremony – the Mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov and first Russian prize-holding pilot of Formula-1 Vitaly Petrov greeted the spectators.

 The main attraction was performance of KAMAZ-master racers – Eduard Nikolaev and Airat Mardeev. The strongest pilots of the Blue Armada didn’t only run on 10-tonish trucks on Formula-1 circuit, but took part in speed competitions with GT cars.  

 Generally, the festival introduced almost all existing race disciplines, but within the show pilots could demonstrate unique features of every kind of motorsport. Power of race trucks, filigreed pilotage of drifters, ideal trajectories of circuit and rally racers – every element of motorsport world, and spectators, that gathered on the tribunes, could get acquainted with motorsport in all its diversity and beauty.

 Press conference with participation of organizers and participants of festival “Zazhiganie-2017” was held in the press-center of Sochi motodrome.  Eduard Nikolaev pointed out that the motorsport festival is a unique opportunity for spectators to see vehicles to which fans don’t have access during competitions.   

 “I would like to thank organizers for the opportunity; it is our pleasure to take part in this activity. Our truck is very heavy,  its weight is 10 tons, therefore we cannot show what it can do anywhere, and we are happy that there is such an opportunity here, - noticed Nikolaev. – Not so long ago we studied the techniques of drift on the trucks and are glad to demonstrate that our truck feels confident on the asphalt too.”  

 Festival “Zazhiganie-2017” combined the biggest range of motorsport disciplines – from circuit races and drifts to classical rally and rally-raids. Apart from that, specially for viewers organizers prepared a spectacular show with participation of stuntmen and dance groups.





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