Second consecutive night mechanics  of KAMAZ-master worked really hard, this time trying to prepare truck of Andrey Karginov’s crew to the start of the 5th special of Rally Kazakhstan-2018. Replacement of the gear box, that got the crew into trouble on yesterday’s SS, was finished only in the morning.

 On 160 kilometers of liaison from the start point towards Aktau new gearbox was trialed and next 300 km of speed section showed that mechanics did their job very well. The stage reminded Dakar contestants tracks of Bolivian altiplano: fast tracks, several dunnets,   changes of directions, where navigators had to “involve”. All that in grandiose alien decorations of Mangystau region. Closer to the finish the route even brought contestants to the valley of stone incrustations, in simple words huge stone balls, scattered in Torysh area. Study of these stunning creations of nature last more than a century, however, during this time researchers haven’t arrived to a common view about their advent. And picturesque and mysterious incrustations became one out of many wonderful decorations of Mangystau peninsula.

 After adventures of two last days KAMAZ-master crews were given directions by the team manager Sergey Savostin to keep together and back up each other. During the stage there was a stop to change a wheel on gas-and-diesel KAMAZ. Without visible cuts and punctures the wheel ceased to keep pressure, tire inflation didn’t work – they had to stop. As a result KAMAZ trucks crossed the finish line approximately with the same result: 3h28min39sec and 3h34min15sec of Andrey Karginov and Sergey Kuprianov respectively.

 Before last tomorrow 150-km special section Sergey Kuprianov keeps the lead in the truck category. After finish he shared his positive emotions : “Today we drove maximum accurately, preserved the truck, as after yesterday’s “exercises” in sands there was no possibility and time for its maintenance. And pulling a disabled KAMAZ out of dunes is a serious load on transmission. First 100 km were very interesting, technical sand tracks in grass, it is beautiful and a lot of work for pilot, but you enjoy this work! Before the very finish organizers pleased by including into the route a narrow trial raise among huge round stones, about which there are a lot of legends – from the point of view that they are dinosaur eggs to stone warriors, there will be many beautiful photos from this place. From problems – only the wheel change. We are satisfied with the stage!”


Перед последним завтрашним 150-километровым спецучастком Сергей Куприянов сохраняет за собой лидерство в грузовом зачете. После финиша он поделился положительными эмоциями: «Сегодня ехали предельно аккуратно, берегли машину, так как после вчерашних «упражнений» в песках не было возможности и времени полностью её обслужить. А выдергивать обездвиженный «КАМАЗ» из дюн - это серьезная нагрузка на трансмиссию. Первые 100 км были очень интересные, техничные песчаные дорожки среди травы, красиво и много работы пилоту, но работы, которая доставляет удовольствие! Перед самым финишем организаторы порадовали, включив в маршрут узкий триальный подъем среди огромных круглых валунов, о которых ходит много легенд - от того что это яйца динозавров, до окаменевших воинов, будет много красивых фото с этого места. Из проблем - только замена колеса. Этапом довольны!»


Фото Антона Еликова


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