A professional hand tool of high quality from Germany.

 Tools of STAHLWILLE Eduard Wille GmbH 7 Co. KG are developed on the principle of “extension of a human hand”. It allows to build ideal constructions, providing the highest tenacity, simplicity and operational reliability.

STAHLWILLE tools are produced only on German factories. Premium quality, ergonomics and high accuracy of manufactured products made STAHLWILLE brand famous among professionals all over the world.

 Delivery of STAHLWILLE tools on the territory of Russia is made by Equinet («Эквинет») company – an exclusive brand representative.

 Equinet company holds leading position on the market of equipment and tool supplier s for companies of various industrial fields, vehicle service sections and repair workshops.

 A wide product range, more than 20 years of experience, best specialists of the field – all that allow to achieve objectives set by the clients easily, develop integrated project solutions, carry out deliveries, mounting and technical support of the best equipment and tool from all over the world. The company’s own store allows to ship goods fast to the client, as well as provide availability of spare parts.

 Equinet company works as with legal so with individual persons. Every client, whether it is a private workshop or a huge industrial enterprise can easily receive professional recommendations and purchase necessary products.

 A hand tool, hoisting and tire repair equipment, compressors and pneumatic tool, manufacturing furniture and storage systems, diagnostic equipment, stands for alignment angles of adjusting wheels, refueling units for vehicle air conditioners, body repair equipment - these are just a part of the Equinet product line.

 The main goal of the company is a maximal satisfaction of customer needs, and the motto is: "Quality is when customers return, not products."