The GRAND-CRYO company was established in 2010 for the purpose of production of the modern equipment for carrying out procedures of the general cryotherapy. We are located in Moscow, Russia.

The idea of own production came with understanding that most of popular cryocameras in Russia and abroad are technologically ineffective. And it significantly slows down the development of the unique technology called cryotherapy. We decided to change this situation by providing physiotherapists with the modern effective toolwhich ensures performance of all medico-technical requirements to cryotherapy, capable to help to believe in a real miracle of cryotechnology.
Two and a half years of research, experiments, hopes and mistakes, disappointments and achievements. The result is the ICEQUEEN cryocapsule. Its mass production started in the middle of 2013.

General cryotherapy is the technology of future!

Welcome onboard of ICEQUEEN cryocapsule — to the world of the real cryotherapy!