ATM Group

ATM Group is the exclusive representative of the HYUNDAI WIA (South Korean manufacturer of metalworking equipment) and SARIX (Swiss manufacturer of micro-EDM).

In 2018, commemorated by the 30th anniversary of the KAMAZ-master team, we have started cooperation with ATM Group LLC as a delivery and engineering support of the Vertical Machining Center HYUNDAI WIA KF5600C.

"ATM Group" is one of the leading engineering companies since 2004 in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, the exclusive representative of the South Korean concern HYUNDAI WIA - the world manufacturer of turning and milling processing centers and the Swiss manufacturer of microelectrode machines - Sarix. Integrated machine tools are widely used in all industrial sectors: automotive, oil and gas, energy, machine building, shipbuilding and many others.

"ATM Group" offers a turnkey business solution due to the range of engineering services ranging from selection of equipment, tooling, tools, start-up and maintenance up to complex delivery, including development of control programs, fine-tuning technology for parts manufacturing and production of starting runs.