Africa Race. Dmitriy Sotnikov: it is not easy to win back something on such sections, and the cost of mistake is very high

03.01.2013 The results of 5th stage Pilot Dmitriy Sotnikov about the fifth stage: "We started in a minute after Elizabeth; we knew that we would keep her in sight and try to catch her pace. As a result it happened. Quite quickly we were able to catch up her, after about 20 km, and on the 30th km we were already ahead.

Bravo, KAMAZ!

01.01.13. Africa Race. Gwirat Larjam Bivouac 23:48 In the TV hq all in attendance - six people - gathered around the screen and admiringly discussed how the Jacinto’s crew was rescued: "Very generous, very courageously! Not everyone would do the same. It was possible to play for time, win back points not on the route, but on the situation, but they helped very quickly, even did not detain rivals crews, stayed to collect rescue equipment. Unthinkable! Unimaginable! "

To win the Dakar, I changed the motorcycle on the truck.

01.01.2013 Elizabeth Jacinto, a small slight woman with sad eyes who has a victory on Dakar in trucks category. She is very open and communicates with pleasure.

Africa Race. The results of 4th stage

02.01.2013 At the 4th stage of Africa Race our crew helped Elizabeth Jacinto, which truck had laid down on its side. According to the race regulations the time spent to help the crew will be returned. Amendments will be made in the final classification.

Africa Race. Gwirat Larjam Bivouac

01.01.13. Since the race began, only four days passed and, it seems to me, I start to understand why not only travelers, romantics and writers, but also racers so love Africa. And why our companions endured this long way so calmly and even joyfully. There is only one answer – because this race is worth it. Because, probably, this is that rare event which transfers the fussy city person to other reality where you need very little to live where there is nothing artificial, senselessly ritual. At this race as in an extreme situation, you do, you think, you say only what really has value, sense, need.

December 31. Happy New Year!

31.12.2012 Bivouac Oued Draa. For assistance it was very long day - it was about 700 km to the bivouac. The crew had to wait for us. Cargo assistance took to the road today in 2 hours before the start, and arrived to the bivouac quite late, about in three hours after the sports cars - the roads are narrow, worn-down, scarp, there are serpentines ... But we are very happy - the crew rose in 2 positions in the overall and brought to the nearest pursuer more than 17 minutes.

Africa Race: stones and some sand

30.12.12 The first stage of Sonangol Africa Eco Race began at 9:40 am for trucks. Motorcyclists started at 7:30, jeeps at 8:30. The goal was the one for everybody – to enter into the race without loss on a long and difficult special stage.

Africa Race. René Metge: today it will be difficult stage

30.12.2012 Svetlana Klimova asked some questions to sports director and collegium member of Africa race sports commissioners René Metge.

Africa race: from Almeria to Morocco

December 29. 8:04. Ferry from Almeria to Morocco Yesterday we hadn’t a briefing; the starting time of the first stage wasn’t announced. We were a little bit confused when we went to sleep – we hadn’t the important information ... When we asked "when the SS will start?", somebody answered - "as early as possible." By our own experience of last few days, from the morning we followed René Metge all the time, waiting for a briefing and finally we could speak to him. Oksana was scribbling notes about the changes on the route - CP1 was canceled, CP2 was moved, the course was changed to the opposite... In addition he announced about the night liaison and repeated that the first stage will start "as early as possible".