Mystery of the 13th point

The second stage of the 2013 Dakar was announced by the race organizers as a real "fighting" stage, especially as the place, where the competitors of the race were after Lima, quite disposed to serious marathon fight. The 242-kilometer special stage in a lifeless desert was full of sand surfaces and high dunes. To the estimated time journalists left the camp to the finish line, which was directly in front of bivouac.

Africa Race. Anton Shibalov: harmless-looking dunes created a lot of problems

Morning incident with Schlesser’s return to the start didn't cause surprises at this stage, but the sand, which didn't seem at first sight difficult, shuffled much the standings. Anton Shibalov rose to a second position in the overall.

"KAMAZ-Master" team started at "Dakar".

Russian team "Kamaz-Master" started at "Dakar" in Lima on January 5. As a starting place organizers chose one of the beaches of the Peruvian capital, in virtue of traffic particularities in Lima this decision can hardly be called a good one. Hard traffic and jams were the reason of the change of predicated schedule of the start. Start of the first competitors took place at 07:50 local time (time difference with Moscow - minus 9 hours).

Africa Race. The 6th stage results

January 4, Mauritania, Bivouac Shami Press Release Today we woke up at 3:45 am; the way was laid to the border with Mauritania. Sports cars passed formalities first. Only after all sports vehicles were in Mauritania, the start time was declared. Special stage had to be not too long, but very difficult. Complexity of navigation was especially noted.

Dakar 2013. KAMAZ-master is ready to start

04.01.2013 January 3, Lima. The landing of a huge "Airbus" in airport of Lima could not be called soft. After the first hard contact with the land our plane dangerously jumped and only after that by all wheels it firmly rolled down the takeoff runway. "I wonder what his suspension travel will be." - asked somebody very loudly

Africa Race. A Rest Day

03.01.13 Bivouac Dakhla The sea smelled of watermelons. We came to the equator of the race and today we have a rest day. Organizers can make a subtotal today. Thus, the "Desert Fox" Jean-Louis Schlesser firmly holds the superiority, but he is ahead of Jerome Pelichet only on 10 minutes and 1 second. Here is a desperate dispute for the third place, and the crews are driving aggressively and are densely placed in the standings.

Africa Race. Dmitriy Sotnikov: it is not easy to win back something on such sections, and the cost of mistake is very high

03.01.2013 The results of 5th stage Pilot Dmitriy Sotnikov about the fifth stage: "We started in a minute after Elizabeth; we knew that we would keep her in sight and try to catch her pace. As a result it happened. Quite quickly we were able to catch up her, after about 20 km, and on the 30th km we were already ahead.

Bravo, KAMAZ!

01.01.13. Africa Race. Gwirat Larjam Bivouac 23:48 In the TV hq all in attendance - six people - gathered around the screen and admiringly discussed how the Jacinto’s crew was rescued: "Very generous, very courageously! Not everyone would do the same. It was possible to play for time, win back points not on the route, but on the situation, but they helped very quickly, even did not detain rivals crews, stayed to collect rescue equipment. Unthinkable! Unimaginable! "

To win the Dakar, I changed the motorcycle on the truck.

01.01.2013 Elizabeth Jacinto, a small slight woman with sad eyes who has a victory on Dakar in trucks category. She is very open and communicates with pleasure.

Africa Race. The results of 4th stage

02.01.2013 At the 4th stage of Africa Race our crew helped Elizabeth Jacinto, which truck had laid down on its side. According to the race regulations the time spent to help the crew will be returned. Amendments will be made in the final classification.