On the eve of the race start the truck was presented to the chairman of the board of JSC “Gazprom” Alexey Miller. He sat in a cabin of sports "KAMAZ" and questioned about all technical characteristics of the experimental vehicle.

Ilgizar Mardeev announced the completion of his competitive career.

The pilot of «KAMAZ-master» team Ilgizar Mardeev officially declared that he will not participate any more in rally raids as a pilot of sports crew. I.Mardeev: Certainly, I’m a little bit sad. This completion of a certain life phase and it is not easy to leave something significant in your life. I remember, a few years ago, I didn't go at on one of the races, I was really sick at heart!

Vladimir Chagin took part in the presentation of the «Silk Way Rally - 2013».

On February, 28 the team leader Vladimir Chagin took part in a press conference devoted to the presentation of the «Silk Way Rally - 2013». The 5th edition of the Silk Way Rally will be held from the July 6th to 13th, 2013 and will connect Moscow and Astrakhan by its route. SWR-2013, begins on the same day as the World Summer Universiade in Kazan, and will pass under the sign of support of this great sports event. Rally-marathon will serve as a go between the world-class sporting events that are soon to take place in Russia – The Kazan Universiade and Sochi Olympic Games! The Silk Way Rally project would not be possible without the support of the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin met with "KAMAZ-master" team

February, 5 in Sochi President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated "KAMAZ-master" team on a victory at "Dakar-2013". I know this kind of victories is always like the first. Because it does not come easily, but with great difficulty, there you need a lot of courage. I congratulate you on your success and outstanding result. I wish you to keep this up, be always concentrated and achieve new successes and victories, "- said the head of state.

"KAMAZ-master" crews won 3 first places at "Dakar"

January 19, Santiago Rally marathon "Dakar-2013" starting on January 5 in Lima came to the end in Santiago. "KAMAZ-master" team took 1, 2, 3 places in trucks category.

Suffers and drives!

January 18, La Serena Flight in the journalistic plane to a place of the following bivouac, perhaps, is the only opportunity during Dakar to get off from racing vanity and to get thoughts together. The plane set a course for La Serena and flies along mountains to the south. Majestic mountain range. The Andes border South America from the North to the South for 9000 kilometers!

Vladimir Chagin: "It is important to keep the result to the end of the race"

"Fight in trucks category turned into duel between KAMAZ trucks!", "Andrey Karginov attacks at the first opportunity" - such epithets journalists used today in their releases devoted to the 12th stage of Dakar. Really, KAMAZ pilots showed their best at the stage Fiambala – Copiapo, and Andrey Karginov having won the 4th stage of Dakar in his career showed the true combativity.

Two Russian crews lead the standings of trucks category at "Dakar"

January 16, Fiambala At 16.30 local time Dakar sports commissioners published a decision concerning the results of the 11th stage of Dakar. There was also the information that: "Due to the force-majeure circumstances 11th stage was interrupted at 13:50.

Capricious Fiambala

Capricious Fiambala - another sandy episode of Dakar-2013. Trucks category continues to surprise by its vitality. For today's start there were 64 trucks of 75 starting in Lima. But Ms. Fiambala shows again its contentious temper. Last year, for example, there was rain, and the crossing of the artful sands turned for Dakar competitors into easy walk.

Andrey Karginov wins the stage at "Dakar"

January 15, La Rioja The weather conditions become unbearable for the tenth day of Dakar. Thermometer mounted on Nikolay Strakhov’s KAMAZ, shows 42 degree of heat. There is almost no wind. The high sun. The faces of people are flushed, it is impossible even to think straight. We want to leave this place as soon as possible, cross the Andes close to the cold Antarctic Peruvian current that cools the climate on the other side of the mountains. Weariness of the rally competitors is aggravated by heat