"Dakar trucks: faster, safer, lighter!".

Flight Madrid - Buenos Aires. Almost 100 percent of passengers of this flight are the competitors of the rally Dakar-2014. The route is on screens of the plane. Exactly over the city of Dakar, the capital of Senegal, the plane turns and heads for the west across the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of South America. Catching sight of a familiar name on the screens the audience which seems to be nodding suddenly woke up and moved toward the screen to make the symbolic picture. Thanks, Africa! In 1979 it gave the start of the famous off-road adventure. Hello, South America, the place where this big event moved in 2009!

Eduard Nikolaev became the "Snob" prizewinner in "Sport" category.

The pilot of the "KAMAZ-master" team, the winner of "Dakar - 2013" Eduard Nikolaev became the winner of the "Snob" magazine prize in 2013. The ceremony was held on October 9 in Metropol Hotel.

Dmitry Sotnikov's crew - the winner of "Silk Way Rally"

The victory of Dmitry Sotnikov's crew in trucks category of "Silk Way Rally" became a big surprise for many rivals of the "KAMAZ-master" team. The young pilot was also surprised that his crew as a result is at the top line.

Intrigue of the day – in general classification of "Silk Way Rally" leaders were changed

412 kilometers of sand, dust and heat – this is today's special stage winding in steppes and sand near Astrakhan. As organizers promised, start was given near a bivouac, in 33 kilometers so competitors have not to spend forces for a liaison. Forces were useful to them on the most difficult stage of the race with the special stage of 412 kilometers.

Anton Shibalov got stuck in the steppe

The fair wind blew today to competitors of a marathon "Silk Way Rally" which returned from Elista to Astrakhan on the Kalmykia steppes.  However, not everyone was lucky today. 

The land of Kalmykia helped the "KAMAZ-master" crews to win a stage of the "Silk Way Rally"

The day was good for all competitors. After very difficult three stages of the race when crews had to overcome 500 kilometers on the 50-degree heat, today it was a little respite for them. The weather became a little "colder", the thermometer kept around 35 degrees and there was a strong wind.  

Eduard Nikolaev is catching up for lost time

After yesterday's failure, when the crew of Eduard Nikolaev had to stop for repairs, which lasted for several hours, today he is - the first. He was the latest to start the third stage on the route Volgograd-Astrakhan, the crew of Eduard was catching up for lost time. Despite the fact that in the first three days, he went down to the thirteenth place in the general classification the KAMAZ pilot doesn't lose hope.  It can happen to everyone.

The crews of "KAMAZ-master" in the top three of the "Silk Way Rally"

The leaders in trucks category according to the results of the day - the second stage of the rally, are three crews of "KAMAZ-master" team. Andrey Karginov finished first, he overtook the crew of Ayrat Mardeev by 13 minutes 46 seconds. Yesterday's leader Anton Shibalov today is at the third position with a gap from the winner for 22 minutes and 17 seconds. Unfortunately, the car of Eduard Nikolaev had problems, and he seriously lost the time.  

"KAMAZ-Master" crews took the first two places at the first stage of the "Silk Way Rally"

The first stage of the "Silk Way Rally" in the crew category was opened by the last year's race winner Ayrat Mardeev (№ 300), which started at 11.23. To get to the first special stage trucks had to overcome the liaison of 240 kilometers. And as organizers of the marathon promised, it was the first and last the longest liaison between special stages.


Fans of the rally photographed this historic event, trying to get into the shot together with their idols. Among the audience there were many who bought a souvenir - T-shirts and baseball caps of the team. After the ceremonial start all cars returned to the "Luzhniki" in Parc fermé, to set a course for Tambov early in the morning, where a day later, on July 7, the race will start.