Rainy day in Salta

January 11, Salta There is a lo of journalists, organizers, participants near the hospitality area set up by the energy drink brand Red Bull in the early morning... It turned out that nine times world champion Sébastien Loeb (WRC) decided to visit the Dakar bivouac. The guest is a little bit late. 

Tucuman-Salta: The Dakar rally is like a WRC

January 10, Tucuman-Salta. Special stage Tucuman-Salta measuring 156 km is a light version of yesterday's route.  The task of all competitors in the trucks category was to protect the results in the general standings before the rest day, rather than try to improve their positions in the standings. Everyone drove very fast today, it was impossible to overtake on the very narrow tracks, and of course there was a lot of dust on the route.

The day for navigators

January 9, Tucuman. The beginning of the day was very great! The stage Chilecito-Tucuman with two sections of 211 km and 106 km (the second part of the stage was modified) separated by the zone of neutralization promised to be a turning point in the trucks standings of the Dakar-2014. We don’t know what tactics was chosen by Chagin on the eve, but all crews of the KAMAZ-master Team began to set the pace on the track from the start. Eduard Nikolaev showed the best time at the first checkpoint and increased his advantage over their pursuers. According the results of the third checkpoint, Gerard De Rooy appears to be 15' behind Nikolaev. 

Heat in Chilecito.

January 8, Chilecito. Terrible heat makes dream about the time when we cross the Andes. This mountain range is the most important in South America climatic barrier isolating the western territory of the Main Cordillera from the influence of heated air masses over the pampas of Argentina; and isolating the eastern coast from the influence of the cold Pacific Ocean. The Andes is split into several ranges, which are separated by intermediate depressions. There is Chilecito on one of this depression. 

Andrew Karginov leads the dance at the stage San Rafael-San Juan

January 7, San Juan. Many fans were certainly surprised today to see the trucks starting order. Instead of the winner of yesterday's stage Anton Shibalov was Gerard de Rooy. The fact is that Sport Stewards returned to Gerard de Rooy the time spent on assisting the crew of Mardeev. 22 minutes 40 seconds were returned to De Rooy, although Gerard insisted that he spent on helping 30 minutes. Waiting for news from today’s stage San Rafael - San Juan we discuss the situation with a Dutch journalist. It would seem that my companion must protect compatriot. But he said that De Rooy got stuck trying to go round this place. 

The truck of Ayrat Mardeev heads to San Juan

The truck of Ayrat Mardeev which yesterday has suffered a crash on the km 386 of the stage San Luis - San Rafael, arrived at the bivouac in San Rafael today in the morning. As it was already said, KAMAZ followed along the edge of dry river bed. In a very narrow part (on the right side was a mountain, and on the left – edge) due to the mass of the vehicle, the soil has fallen under the wheels and KAMAZ crashed and turned completely onto his roof. Fortunately, the crew wasn’t injured.

2nd Stage, Ayrat Mardeev have suffered a crash

January 6, San Rafael. The problems with the system of competitors’ results tracking in real time continue for the second consecutive day on the Dakar. There were the only one place where the system worked during the stage, it was CP1. The km 259 of the special was the only reference point for understanding what was happening on the track. But the information about the results of the truck special stage caused more questions than answers. Let’s see: the best time showed Belarusian Siarhei Vyazovich and his MAZ. 

Ayrat Mardeev won the first stage of the rally Dakar–2014.

January 5, San Luis. It seems that the organizers of the rally from the first stage intend to prove that their promise "Dakar 2014: longer, higher and tougher" is not a joke. Liaison of 809 kilometers led the participants from Rosario to the heart of the South American continent, in San Luis, a town with 110 thousand population, located in the foothills of the Andes at an altitude of 762 meters above sea level. The bivouac of the rally is set on a race track in the picturesque village of Potrero de los Funes, known by the fact that some stages of FIA GT were held there. The circuit was created by modifying the ring road that encircles Lake Potrero de los Funes, at the course's center. And the lake is in the crater of the extinct volcano! But the struggle at the Dakar-2014 began to look like active volcano.

KAMAZ-master Team started on the Dakar - 2014.

The ceremonial start of the rally Dakar-2014 took place on the 4th of January in the Argentinean city of Rosario. This year the organizers of the Dakar decided to organize the podium ceremony not in the same day of the sport start day. The ceremonial start began at about 15:00 (local time). The show took place near the Monumento a la Bandera - a monumental complex built in honor of the national the Argentine flag which was raised for the first time in 1812. The event was delayed until late in the evening. By the time of the start of Eduard Nikolaev, the title holder with the race number 500, it was already getting dark .

Dakar 2014 on Russian TV channels

The international rally-marathon rally Dakar will be held in South America from 4 to 18 January 2014. For the KAMAZ-master Team it will be a particular year, the crews are still the guys to beat at the Dakar, they return to defend Dakar truck title. The intrigue in the truck category as well as the interest of the Russian TV viewers is guaranteed, and the support of the Russian fans will be more important than ever for our pilots.