Mud baths: Sotnikov's crew has won the second stage of the Silk Way Rally

Rapid change of landscapes and regions - this is how the Silk Way Rally can be characterised, leading a caravan of sports crews from Russia to Mongolia. On the first day of the race, the contestants had the longest liaison: from the finish of the special stage to the bivouac in Novosibirsk they had to drive more than 560 kilometers along public roads.

Sotnikov won the first stage of the Silk Way Rally on the new KAMAZ of K5 generation

The main news of today: one of the world's largest rally-raids has begun.

Silk Way Rally 2021: ceremonial start in Omsk

A few hours remain until the start of the first stage of the international Silk Way Rally 2021.

Checks before the Silk Way Rally are passed.

Administrative checks and scrutineering for contestants started the day before the ceremonial start of the Silk Way Rally in Omsk.

KAMAZ-master presented a racing truck of the K5 generation

Today, on June 25, in Naberezhnye Chelny, on the site in front of the General Directorate of KAMAZ, was held a presentation of the new K5 KAMAZ racing truck.

KAMAZ-master team is preparing to the start of the Silk Way Rally 2021

Traditional press-tour for the Russian mass media and partners of the team was held in Naberezhnye Chelny on June 18. The meeting was coincided to the start of the Silk Way Rally in Omsk.

KAMAZ-master Team announced crew composition for the Silk Way Rally 2021

7 crews of KAMAZ-master sports team will take part in the international Silk Way Rally 2021.

Dmitry Sotnikov’s crew became the winner of the rally “Gold of Kagan”

The second stage of the Russian Rally-Raid Championship "Gold of Kagan-2021" has ended in the Astrakhan region.

Dmitry Sotnikov grabbed the lead in the Gold of Kagan

The Big Brother barchans and five more “sandpits” became first sand challenges for contestants of the Gold of Kagan-2021. Short 23-kilometer liaison was followed by 314 “combat” kilometers

Gold of Kagan - Sunday march to the capital of the Golden Horde

For the contestants of the rally-raid “Gold of Kagan”, this Sunday, April 25, became a busy day with an early rise. The 274-kilometer special seсtion of the Gold of Kagan’s second stage was laid along the left bank of the Volga river.