BOLSHOI Sport magazine

BOLSHOI Sport magazine was launched at the end of 2005, on the eveof the Turin Olympics. Back then, few could have imagined that in justa few years Russia would itself host the Winter Games, and later wouldvie to host the FIFA World Cup.

As our publishing project has developed, so sport in Russia has growninto an area of significance to the state itself, blossoming into a popular,even essential, part of the life of the nation. Now, BOLSHOI Sportperforms the valuable task of helping people navigate throughsports in Russia.

Unlike most other sports publications on the media market, themagazine is published in a monthly format, which underpins ouranalytical approach to covering sports events, enriched by the inherentdistance and thoughtfulness implied by this format. Such editorialconcept makes our project interesting not just for classical sports fans,but for all those who simply want or need to be aware of everything thathappens in the wider sporting arena.

Our readers include athletes themselves, their supporters, agentsand managers, as well as a range of industry professionals for whomsport is one of the ways of communicating with their audiences.The readership also includes figures who are used to being “in theknow” when it comes to fashionable and socially popular topics.