Kazakhstan Rally finished on 2 June in Aktau. Winner of the truck category became KAMAZ-master crew. Gas-and-diesel truck of the team to the triumphant finish was “led” by Sergey Kuprianov.

“For our crews last day of the race went without adventures and was quite successful, - said after finish pilot of second KAMAZ crew Andrey Karginov. – Very beautiful special, a bit more than 140 km in length. There were a lot of fast tracks, crossings. Dried up treads. We descended to the Caspian Sea. Here we were awaited by a small trial among huge boulders, where you cold damage wheels. We always remember that on the last special can happen unplanned situations, therefore we tried to drive accurately. In general, we really liked the competition.  First, in terms of challenge was done a big work. Yes, gear box went out of order but we “rolled” on resource. Now we know how long it approximately goes. Some drawbacks in electronics were removed. Second, we got a good pilotage experience. Here is a great variety of routes: fast tracks and dunes, stones and trial. Kazakhstan has the whole range of routes.”

Sergey Kuprianov pointed out that his success is first of all the result of the whole team’s work: “In the beginning we drove very fast along the sea. Stunning beauty but you can’t lose concentration, some crews on cars had withdrawals due to technics, some broke cars. I am thankful to organizers for the amazing route, the team for the fantastic truck, the whole assistance group for sleepless nights, rivals for mutual help, the crew for patience! It is a team result!”

Truck, that won in the truck category of the race, is second gas-and-diesel truck of KAMAZ-master Team, created in terms of the joint program of Gazprom and VTB Bank. The project goes since 2013 and has the aim of making usage of natural gas as a fuel more popular. First race gas-and-diesel truck was created in 2013, on which Kuprianov’s crew have already achieved success on huge international competitions. In 2015 gas KAMAZ took part in international rally-marathon Africa Eco Race. Upon the race results the crew of gas-engine truck became a silver winner in the truck category. In 2016 and 2017 the crew of gas-and-diesel KAMAZ becomes winner of Africa Eco Race in the category of hybrid vehicles.

New model of race truck, that uses EcoGas as a motor fuel, only a month ago went to the start first time– on rally “Gold of Kagan”.

On the threshold of starting on 15 July international Silk Way Rally-2018, Kazakhstan Rally became last big competition of the preparatory season for KAMAZ-master Team. In the nearest time the team management will announce crews’ composition, participating in the race along the route China-Kazakhstan-Russia.


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