This year Dakar Rally went on the territory of one country – Peru. For the sportsmen the race organizers developed the route of 5,6 thousand km in length, 3 thousand kilometers of which were special sections. About 70% of the race distance consisted of desert and dune sections, that is one of the main peculiarities of the Peruvian track. In order to overcome such a challenging route, specialists of racing KAMAZ-master Team again gave a priority to quality and reliability of KAMA TYRES products – all-steel KAMA tyres  were used for configuration of assistance truck.

On the steering axle of the truck КАМАZ 65207-S5 was outfitted КАМА NF 201, hard tread of which with a special pattern design provides higher controllability of tyres and good road adherence. The leading axle of the truck was outfitted with the model КАМА NR 201, among performance characteristics of which is a good adherence as on dry so on wet road. These tyres are distinguished by high strength due to all steel and fuel economy.

It should be noted that KAMA TYRES is a reliable partner of KAMAZ-master assistance team not for the first season. Thus, KAMA tyres passed various tests and withstood all loads, becoming a real participant of race process of not less extreme race – Silk Way Rally-2018.

KAMA TYRES is a tyre complex of PJSC TATNEFT group, which provides a full production chain: from purchasing of raw materials for production of tyres to sales of finished goods and after-sale service. The company has one of the biggest industrial capacities in Russian tyre branch – almost a quarter of all produced tyres in Russia are produced by KAMA TYRES.

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