On 2 February on the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov rewarded the winners and medalists of Dakar 2017 and Africa Eco Race-2017 with diplomas and “Russian Team” medals.

The rewards were given to:

o    Vladimir Chagin – the leader of KAMAZ-master Team, 7-time winner of the Dakar Rally;

o    Andrey Karginov – winner of Africa Eco Race-2017, winner of Dakar 2014, KAMAZ-master Team;

o    Andrey Mokeev –winner of Africa Eco Race-2017, 3-time winner of the Dakar Rally, KAMAZ-master Team;

o    Eduard Nikolaev – 3-time winner of the Dakar Rally, KAMAZ-master Team;

o    Dmitry Sotnikov – silver winner of Dakar-2017, winner of Africa Eco Race-2013, KAMAZ-master Team;

o    Sergey Kuprianov – silver winner of Africa Eco Race-2015, holder of 4th position in Africa Eco Race-2017, 3-time winner of Eco-trucks in Africa Eco Race, KAMAZ-master Team;

o    Irina Zelenkova – the leading specialist of the Innovation Center of the ROC, doctor of KAMAZ-master Team;

o    Ravil Maganov– holder of 3rd position in the buggy category in Dakar-2017, Xtreme Plus Team;

o    Kirill Shubin – holder of 3rd position in the buggy category in Dakar-2017, Xtreme Plus Team;

o    Sergey Karyakin – winner of Dakar-2017 in the quad category, Fores Snag Racing Team;

o    Anastasiya Nifontova – first Russian woman, participating in the Dakar rally-marathon, silver winner in the bike category in the Dakar Rally 2017, Moscow police team;

o    Konstantin Zhiltsov – winner of Africa Eco Race-2017 in the overall standings;

o    Aleksandr Maximov – winner of Africa Eco Race-2017 in the quad category;

 Apart from that the following members of KAMAZ-master Team received honorable mention from the Russian Olympic Committee: Airat Mardeev, Anton Shibalov, Ruslan Akhmadeev, Igor Leonov, Dmitry Nikitin, Vladimir Rybakov, Erik Khairullin, Evgeny Yakovlev.

In the beginning of his speech, the President of the ROC Alexander Zhukov said: “The Russian Olympic Committee has a long-standing tradition: to honor winners and medalists of two main world rally-raids – Dakar and Africa Eco Race. These competitions always open the season and set the tone. It is very pleasant that the victory tradition is kept: representatives of KAMAZ-master Team once again came home from different continents with awards, showing their best in driving trucks. I would also like to mention that over recent years Innovation center of the ROC cooperate actively with KAMAZ. The most modern methods and advanced developments are used in training of the sportsmen to rally-raids.”

The director of KAMAZ-master team and the project leader of the international Silk Way Rally Vladimir Chagin mentioned in his reply: “We understood what responsibility we held. It was important to do all possible and impossible for the Russian flag to stream the highest on the finish ceremonies in Africa and in South America. We proved high level of not only Russian racers but Russian automotive industry. KAMAZ trucks are again the fastest on impassibility!

Vladimir Chagin invited the members of the Executive Committee to the start ceremony of the Silk Way Rally-2017, which will be held on 7 July on Red Square in Moscow.

Photo ROC, Natalya Pakhalenko

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